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Monday 5th December 2016 – Science

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Last week, Year 4 learnt all about the digestive system and our teeth. Activities ranged from estimating the length of digestive system parts, recreating how the system works and counting the different type teeth we have. We also had a visit from Ernie who shared his ‘inside’ knowledge of the digestive system. He was helped by fans of two rival teams! This week, we will be setting up an experiment to test how teeth react to a range of drinks.


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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In year 4, we have started to learn about the smashing Anglo Saxons. First, we were archaeologists and dug for any artefacts we could find. The children managed to find most of an Anglo Saxon helmet and pieces of Roman mosaic. This showed that people had lived in Britain over a long period of time. Following this, we used the school’s timelines to place the Anglo Saxons in the correct period of time, discussing what they had learnt in year 3. They also discovered that Mr McKenna wasn’t old enough to have seen the Pyramids being built, even if he has visited them in more recent times!

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I think the maths was a bit hard, I measured in cm and measured a brick on a wall .


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I really enjoyed measuring things like the snakes and ladder game!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday 17th September 2014 – Perimeter in Year Four

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In Year Four we have been investigating the perimeter of 2d shapes. After discussing their properties, we investigated the outdoor environment for objects to measure. The children enjoyed putting their measuring skills to the test.

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